Beau Heijman
Hello! my name is Beau and I'm 24 years old. I love being a woman in game design, and representing the change that is coming to the game development industry. My love for gaming goes paired with that of music and playing guitar - but when I'm not doing anything artsty I love going thrifting with my friends and seeing bad movies in theatre. I do all the 3D and 2D artwork for the games we work on, and specialize in character design. I work with all industry standard programs, and have mastered both Maya, Substance painter and Zbrush. I texture all the models I work with myself, and this is my favorite part of the process!
3D art showcase
2D art and design concept idea
My skills
• 2D art, human anatomy and rendering
• 3D character design pipeline (Maya, Zbrush, Substance)
• Rigging and uv unwrapping
• Terrain painting
• UI and UX design (illustrator)
• Concept art and concept design
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